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Author | Homes , Your Vail Valley Home | January 5, 2017

The sign as you approach the cozy little cabin reads, “Welcome to the Ranch.” And a more welcoming, friendly place is hard to imagine. Whether you are a kid, or a kid at heart, Bill and Maggie Rey’s laid-back little ranch is an enchanting place to be come winter or summer. Every door, every turn […]

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Author | Homes , Your Vail Valley Home | January 3, 2017

The stars aligned when the home high above Eagle Ranch was built, assures owner Kasia Karska. And, indeed it would seem that way. Outside, it is in harmony with the rugged Western terrain which embraces it. Inside, it is in beautiful harmony with the lifestyle and philosophy Kasia and husband, George McNeil, cherish. The siting […]

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Artist and landscape architect Rosalind Reed cherishes the element of surprise and color, and uses both liberally and to arresting effect in her work. It is somehow fitting then, that her home, high on a ridge in Bellyache proves a wonderful surprise in itself.  The road up Bellyache winds and climbs until it reaches a […]

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Connie Steiert | Colorado Neighborhoods , Your Vail Valley Home | August 26, 2014

A stained glass ornament hangs from the window in Karin Lanham’s home office, shining enticingly in front of an astonishing view of the mid-portion of the Vail Valley. The ornament, titled, “Marburg” is etched underneath a picturesque view of a German city dating back to Medieval times. As Karin sits working, the trinket reminds her […]

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There’s no sacrificing style for sustainability in Vail. Buying used, consignment and repurposed furniture and accessories keeps money in your pocket and waste out of the landfill. The lifecycle continues at Thrifty Shops When shoppers fail to scoop up those hidden gems at the valley’s local consignment store and Habitat ReStore, those items are usually donated […]

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Heather Hower | Colorado Neighborhoods , Your Vail Valley Home | December 9, 2013

Shhhh, don’t give away one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets: we live in a state that sees more than 300 days of sunshine, 300 inches of snowfall annually, and add to that our world-class resorts and restaurants rival those found in large cities—we truly are in a paradise. Even in paradise, though, decisions need to be […]

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The Azizes’ Signature Style Makes a Bold but Irresistible Statement Norma Aziz knew exactly what she wanted her new home in Vail to look like. When she spotted the home in a real estate ad, even her broker’s insistence she and husband Juan Carlos would hate the house in Potato Patch didn’t faze her. So […]

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ken | Your Vail Valley Home | July 27, 2012

Interior design in the Vail Valley is vibrant and alive! And the talent is flourishing with a wide palette of styles. Whether they prefer bold or subtle, contemporary or traditional, these eight designers share a common bond. They are all seasoned with a minimum of seven years under their professional belts, with some having 30 […]

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ken | Your Vail Valley Home | January 3, 2012

A level of importance and thought with lighting gives art some serious punch. It can change the setting completely, creating an ambiance and mood. It can create soul and enhancement and change the emotion and aesthetic experience, as well. Hefty words, but nevertheless, they ring true. With proper lighting, the intent and strokes of the […]

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Forget the fluff and frills, these days kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, yet still comfortable. Today, a myriad of kitchen trends are influenced from places in every corner of the globe and by our lifestyle. With advances in technology, out-of-this-world options might include your oven being programmed – while you’re at work – to keep […]

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